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Submit questions (or tips for success) you have about the honeybee grant application.

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Re: Revenue v Extended Community S ...
by beecause
04 Nov 2016 17:20

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Which Grant is Right for You?
by TheBeeCause
10 Aug 2016 14:06
Post questions (or tips for success) you have about your observation honeybee hive installation.

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Re: Observaton hive installation
by beecause
25 Oct 2016 16:48

Bee Mentor 1 topic

The Bee Mentor is an experienced, local beekeeper who is engaged by the school to help care for the bees. This is a very important piece to the overall hive health and to the success of having an Observation Honeybee Hive as an educational tool. The Bee Cause will assist the school in selecting/finding a Bee Mentor if needed. BeeCulture magazine is a good place to start. They manage a nationwide beekeeper list online that may be helpful in finding the right Bee Mentor for your school.

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Re: Bee Mentor
by beecause
11 Oct 2016 16:18

Bee Advocate 2 topics

The Bee Advocate is the program leader, the first in line for caring for the bees, and the liaison for the school, neighbors, beekeeper and The Bee Cause. It is recommended that a Teacher and Student share the responsibility of the Bee Advocate. Both advocates may be novices and will learn at different rates; they may be interested in different aspects of the hive and the honeybees; and they will share their knowledge with their peer groups.

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The Bee Advocate Video
by TheBeeCause
30 Oct 2015 19:05

Hive Safety 1 topic

All Honeybee Hives come with a sign to be posted near the beehive entrance on the exterior of the building. This helps alert visitors to the fact that there are bees in the area. Also, it helps to remind people about not using harmful chemicals, especially near the Observation Hive.

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Hive Safety
by TheBeeCause
29 Oct 2015 16:35

Curriculum 2 topics

Share Ideas, Questions, Comments, Lessons, etc.

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STEAM guide
by TheBeeCause
10 Aug 2016 14:09

Pay it Forward 2 topics

To Pay it Forward, the beneficiary of a good deed must repay it to others instead of to the original benefactor.

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Re: When is the next date to apply ...
by beecause
24 Oct 2016 14:52
What's the General Buzz?

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Re: Bee Safety and allergies
by beecause
31 Oct 2016 16:38
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