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04 Nov 2016 17:20 #1 by beecause
If you are requesting a monetary grant, we just want to make sure you that you note how you plan to meet your project goals and expenses. Just make sure that is accomplished wherever it makes sense for you. If you are applying for an equipment grant (honey bee hive), then the expense section is optional.

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03 Nov 2016 18:20 #2 by Marla
Hi! I'm a little confused about part of the grant application under the Budget heading. Depending on how I access it, the requested information is either "Revenue" or "Extended Community Support". (Either way the second field remains "Project Expense")
This comes after these words:
Optional: Below please list all organizations in the community (local businesses, nonprofit organizations, local schools or universities, churches, etc.) that have previously contributed to your project, or that have promised to contribute in the future. Please include the services/donations that each organization has or will provide.
So I have two questions:
1) is the Project Expense also optional?
2) Can I ignore the whole Revenue/Extended Community Support question altogether, being optional? We are a nonprofit community farm, not a school. We have multiple forms of income, but it wouldn't make sense to list them all in this field.
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